oh boy anxiety

I’m crippled with a mix of anxiety, depression, and adult onset ADD…

currently taking Celexa and Strattera for that. works really well for me in small doses since I’m tiny XD

I’m on birth control, but because it affects my celexa, i have to take them at separate times of the day. 

Sometimes nightmares happen, but thanks to therapy I’m learning skills to handle it :)

Panic Dreams & Remeron?

i’m almost one month into my 15mg/day remeron treatment, and every time i try to nap in the afternoon i get lucid, visceral nightmares that leave me in a cold sweat. in this one I was a 40-some old man with a family, and i had heart problems. I went through surgery in the dream and felt everything. After that, these skeleton ghost-things with little lights for eyes were slowly and violently killing off my family - my wife, my two daughters, my son, and my grandfather. and i was in each of their bodies feeling their pain.

even after a hot shower i feel shaky and unstable.

have any of you ever had nightmares on Remeron?