Panic Dreams & Remeron?

i’m almost one month into my 15mg/day remeron treatment, and every time i try to nap in the afternoon i get lucid, visceral nightmares that leave me in a cold sweat. in this one I was a 40-some old man with a family, and i had heart problems. I went through surgery in the dream and felt everything. After that, these skeleton ghost-things with little lights for eyes were slowly and violently killing off my family - my wife, my two daughters, my son, and my grandfather. and i was in each of their bodies feeling their pain.

even after a hot shower i feel shaky and unstable.

have any of you ever had nightmares on Remeron?


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Posted on Thursday, 29 March
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  1. asonlynasacan answered: Never taken Remeron but I take Zoloft for depression/anxiety/etc. etc. and I have vivid nightmares sometimes. Antidepressants are fun :(
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