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Anonymous asked:
I have a question, I'm not sure if this is because I'm panicking or nervous, but everytime I go in to kiss my boyfriend my face twitches (like underneath my eye) and I can't control it at all, does twitching occur to anyone else in social situations or not?

My face used to twitch like mad whenever i was nervous! my eye and the corner of my mouth. recently it’s improved, although i don’t know why. I think it’s pretty common! I hope that your boyfriend is not a source of panic or negative anxiety for you?


Anonymous asked:
Hi, I was diagnosed with GAD 4 or 5 years ago. I have a nervous tick with picking and I was wondering if there's perhaps a list that you'd recommend of ways to avoid picking/pulling, and other sorts of related things.

Hey! so there’s a few posts i know exist on this blog that give alternatives to cutting and self harm, and i have a hunch they’ll be helpful for you as well. Just scroll down a bit.

I can relate because when i’m stressed out about something i pick at my pace/scalp and then i realize i have a ton of angry acne or my scalp’s bleeding or whatever and I get mad at myself. try putting your hair up or putting a comfortable hat on. as for other parts of your body, keep your hands busy doing something else, like kneading a kneaded eraser, some clay, or anything else you can smush in your fingers that won’t make a mess. 


Anonymous asked:
I was wondering if you have any advice to keep calm during thunderstorms. My first anxiety attack during one was when I was about 9. After that I was fine until I was about 15/16 and I was home alone during a severe thunderstorm and had another attack. Now whenever there's a thunderstorm, I get extreme anxiety to the point of almost having an attack (I have severe anxiety in other aspects of my life as well but this one is the most prominent). I'm 19 now and have never gotten help. Thank you.

Hi anon! Can i just say that reading this message was super odd for me? when I was 8 or 9, I had a TERRIBLE phobia of thunderstorms! If one was predicted for while i was at school I’d fake sick so that my mom would take me home. 

Anyway, it sounds like your initial thunderstorm anxiety attack was a result of the storm itself, and now you have an associative anxiety, yeah? The way to un-learn this anxiety is exposure therapy, so luckily for you thunderstorms happen whether you’re ready or not (yayyyy hahaha not). 

For a first step, try listening to this website while you feel most at ease, when the weather is calm and you have people at home you feel safe with. It’s a loop of rain sounds with occasional, soft, distant thunder sounds. It’s designed to help you relax, actually! so listen to this, perhaps while you’re doing something like drawing or something with your hands, until the sounds no longer bother you. Then you can try videos of more severe storms, with visuals of lightning, etc. until you no longer feel anxiety from those! do you get where i’m going here?

If i’m totally wrong and it’s something else specifically about thunderstorms that triggers your anxiety, please let me know so i can give you different advice! for instance, you’re more frightened of an electricity outage than the storm itself, etc.

I hope this helps!! 


ps., you don’t have to live without treatment of mental illness. Take the first steps to getting treatment, talk to your parents, teachers, insurance, etc, and get yourself better, because you don’t deserve to live with it!

Anonymous asked:
I'm at this point in my life where I feel so overwhelmed and stuck. I dont have many friends and college is making me so upset about my future. I dont know what I want to do in life and it feels like I'm falling behind. It doesnt help that I have confidence issues either. I've had general anxiety disorder and depression for a while and I've seen a therapist but that hasnt helped much at all. I'm on seroquel and klonopin. what do I do? the loneliness is crippling

Dear anon, i 100% know what you mean and feel. My first year of college was 2 years ago and i literally felt the same way, especially since i had moved across the country (NY->SF) to go to school. I think some of this feeling you have to acknowledge as ‘the first year of college is emotionally draining and awful’. There is 1000% solid reason for you to feel all those things in your first year, I know I did. Next time you see your psychiatrist, please tell them what you’ve told me, okay? it sounds like the seroquel isn’t cutting it for you (it didn’t for me either.) It’s time to try something else. Also, consider talking to another therapist, as i’ve said in the past, i’ve gone through them like kleenex! there are so many shitty therapists out there. 

Now, time to get to the root of your loneliness! first i have to know, are you at home in a different place for summer, or are you in the same place as your college?

Keep your head up, I promise your circumstances will get better! I am your ghost of christmas future!!!!


Anonymous asked:
Hi I am the girl on summer break seeing a counsellor. I went to her today, in the library, and told her I couldn't see her anymore as I felt guiltily not telling my mum where I was going. It was really sad. I got home and my mum had been looking for something and come across my diary in which there were letters, forms and leaflets about counselling. After four years, she now knows. I don't know whether or not to be happy or sad, I feel emptiness and sadness

* I feel sad and that she hates me, she’ll tell everyone, think I am nuts! hate me for not telling her

I’m sorry for the late late reply, anon, i’ve been working a lot :( 

This sounds like serendipity, can I ask how things with your mum are now? how did it go? I have all this week free so I’ll be around to answer!


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Anonymous asked:
I was doing so well coping with my anxiety/panic disorder but recently things have been getting bad again. The little things that I used to be able to do with no problem (going to the grocery store or for walks around my neighborhood) are starting to set me off again and cause a panic attack. I feel like a complete failure and I'm afraid I'll never get back on track. I'm afraid my anxiety will start ruling my life again. Do you have any tips to get out of this rough patch and back on track?

My best guess would be to start with talk therapy, find a therapist you really love, and can trust. Talk some of the issues out with him/her and see if they can give you a better idea of new coping mechanisms or if they’d recommend seeing a psychiatrist for medication. What coping mechanisms did you use before? Have they stopped working, has there been a big change in your life recently? All these things could play a part into why you’re feeling so anxious again. I’ve been there. Just keep your head up, anxiety wont control you forever <3



Invisible Hospital Issue 1 (view)

Here’s a new little e-zine I made about (my) mental illness. by showing this issue i’m hoping to gain interest from other sufferers/creatives out there to send me work for the future issues! I want it to be a collaborative publication.

Invisible Hospital is a new home for art and writing for and by those with mental illness. It will be dedicated to those who not only feel its pain, but the side effects of stigma, misrepresentation, blame, discrimination, misdiagnosis, malpractice, and alienation. We welcome submissions of any kind. We aim to include work from those with depression, anxiety, OCD, schizophrenia, dissasociative disorders, eating disorders, psychosis, PTSD, bipolar, mania, and from those whose mental illnesses are less documented. We also feel it is important to give priority to folks already marginalized just by being. This will be a safe place for everyone. Abelism, classism, racism, homophobia, transphobia or any other kind of discrimination or hate will not be tolerated.

please spread the word abt this if you can. I haven’t seen any mental illness zines out there and I feel like there should be one! send yr work to ginapierikhendry@yahoo.com

Anonymous asked:
(Same anon again) Thank you for replying, it's unbelievably helpful to have advice from someone who has struggled with these things. The worst of it is that I feel like the ground is giving way beneath me in a sense, because almost everything I know feels unfamiliar, harmful or distant. I feel like the rtc destroyed my ability to function normally because it was sterile and artificial. I think I never realised that having a safe structure will help because it's exactly what I lack. Thank you.

I’m glad you reached out. I read your messages over and over and the one thing i kept thinking was that it sounds like you have a very poor support structure. So if you just focus on that for now, you will find yourself improving your life in ways you don’t expect. That distant feeling is what we feel at the heart of our panic attacks, so its no wonder it’s so awful! you are building yourself a home and safe place to grow in just like a baby bird. Soon you’ll be so much stronger and life will be good!! i promise. You already have good communication skills. You’ll go far! keep fighting, and keep in touch with us to let us know about your progress, and come to us if you ever feel doubtful. I’m gonna label you as the RTC anon for future reference, OK?



Anonymous asked:
(This is the previous anon again) Thank you so much for answering my message, it means a lot. It's like being able to breathe again after not being able to for weeks. About my living situation: I'm seventeen and currently living with my parents so I can finish high school. The rtc program was designed to "change" people by breaking them down and "rebuilding" them, so I honestly feel like I don't know who I am. I feel like I've wandered through a fog and left myself behind in it. (Cont)

(Cont) While I was in treatment, my family moved across the country so when I got back, nothing, not even the place I’m living in, was familiar to me. I’ve only been back for about a month. My friends didn’t know where I was and many of them thought I actually killed myself and they were very happy to talk to me once I got back but most of them have lost interest because, over the course of a year, they gradually moved on. I don’t know who many of them are anymore. I still have a lot of family issues, which create a very large amount of anxiety for me. Sending me to treatment estranged me from my parents even further and they honestly expect me to thank them for spending money while keeping me there. I feel bitter and very anxious just in talking to them. I have a therapist who is very kind and does help a bit, although it’s getting increasingly hard for her to help me. I often become overwhelmed, which frusterates her. Sorry about the disjointed messages.

Oh deer, anon, there are so many things not OK going on here… This program sounds actually awful. You need some real support, this is the priority. See if you can find a support group or a group therapy session in your area. It will help you not feel so alienated from people. Also, start looking for a different therapist. I can’t tell you how many I went through because so many of them have no personal history of mental illness and therefore just cannot sympathize the amount you need them to. They need to be your rock! I think the goal you should focus on this summer is to just build and build a support structure. It’s vital. Let me know if there’s anything else you need to say!


Anonymous asked:
Thank you, thank you, thank you so much :-)

you’re so welcome!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous asked:
Hi its the anon from your last post, and no I'm not currently on any medications. For reasons unknown my doctor doesn't want me on them... Anything you can add to help would so appreciated, as I feel so helpless currently

I’m not sure why your doctor doesn’t want you on any medication if your anxiety is this bad! Do you see a physician or a psychiatrist? If you don’t see a psychiatrist, i highly recommend that you do, seeing as they are the ones trained for mental health and prescribing medicine for anxiety related issues. I personally take BuSpar. It’s the only medication that is strictly an anti-anxiety  (No anti-depressant mixed in) and I’ve been on it since January and the difference it’s made in the time I’ve been on it is night and day. I feel so much better, and I just feel less on edge. It has made a world of difference. 

Here’s some general self help tips that have helped me in the past


Just remember to relax, breathe, and remember that tomorrow is a new day. 

Switch therapists & find a psychiatrist if you haven’t been to one yet!